Sachin Tendulkar gives road-safety advice to bikers without helmets (VIDEO)

Mumbai April 10: There may be many religions in the secular nation of India, but every Indian, despite whatever faith he or she follows, recognises one particular God – Sachin Tendulkar.
The man who has adopted a couple of villages, and brought about development in them, is now out on the street asking people to follow road-safety rules, Deccan Chronicle reported.
The legendary cricketer posted the video, where he is advising two bike riders to use helmets while they are riding, on Twitter on Sunday.
On seeing Sachin inside the car, one of the bikers pulled up beside the vehicle, and requested to take a photograph with him. Sachin, who acquiesced his request, also advised him to ride a bike with a helmet.
“Promise me to wear a helmet next time,” said Sachin. “Its dangerous for you. Life is very precious.”