Cricketer Tom Moody laughs it off after being abused by Kerala CPM comrades

KOCHI Nov 20: Kerala's CPI(M) supporters were left embarrassed after many of them targeted former Australian cricketer Tom Moody after thinking he is the credit rating agency, Moody's.
Not too happy with the improved credit rating India received from Moody’s, trolls on Twitter began to target the former Australian cricketer, who is also the coach of IPL team Hyderabad Sunrisers, on his Facebook account.
Times of India reported that all these were mostly Malayalee trolls sympathetic to the left who began to bombard him with obscenities on his post dated October 4.
“Don’t ever come to Kerala with your team to play cricket go to any bjp ruling state .... your rating is totally bulls***t ...Don't judge any book by it's cover ..... Aussies are real c**t (sic),” read one comment.
“…don’t give rating to Narendra Modiji Kerala loves communist party and we don’t like Narendra Modi We are original communist and please don’t give any rating to Narendra Modi Only give rating to pinarayi, punarayi is best Modi is bad,” another bizarre comment read.
On Sunday, Moody put out another Facebook post after the hilarious gaffe.
“Thanks to all of you who have realise I don't work in the finance ratings industry (sic)!” he wrote.
However, trolls are continuing against CPM comrades. Visit Tom Moody on Facebook to see the fun.