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Malayalee nurse denies showing inappropriate videos to colleagues while at work in court

LONDON Nov 17: A Malayalee male nurse allegedly showed colleagues a video of a sex toy being removed from a woman’s backside and another involving sexual activity of a child and a lamb, newspapers in the UK reported.
The Malayalee nurse showed the clips ‘for kicks’ and in order to get a reaction from his co-workers at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, a tribunal of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) heard, according to reports in Metro News.
NMC lawyer Salma Lalani talked about Elaine Sellors’ reaction to seeing the sex toy video.
‘On her evidence, she didn’t complain, she waited until she was asked,’ she said.
‘At the time, she said to him a lady of her mature years shouldn’t see such things. That showing of the video had no clinical reason to be shown.
‘I respectfully submit he was getting kicks out of her reaction, he was enjoying saying what it was.’
Ms Lalani added colleagues were even more ‘horrified’ when a giggling nurse then allegedly showed them an indecent video involving a child and a lamb.
Felicity Birchall was so upset she told a senior staff member, the tribunal heard.
Ms Lalani stressed the severity of what allegedly happened and wanted the panel to take into consideration the seriousness of the clip involving sexual activity of a child and animal.
She said: ‘These were images not shown once, but several times. They were shown because they made him laugh.
‘They were shown for shock reasons and went beyond acceptable boundaries.’
The nurse denies showing inappropriate videos to colleagues.
Neerja Sharma, representing the nurse, said: ‘All the evidence supports the fact that was some kind of surgical procedure. He accepts he shows it in the staff room with a number of people present.
‘We submit that clip shows a surgical procedure and he was showing it to members of staff who would be familiar with removing items from bodily orifices.’
The hearing in Stratford Place, London, continues.