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Religious leader raise voice against Essense UK, say divine interventions causing interruptions

By A Staff Reporter

CROYDON May 25: Religious leaders and ardent believers have begun to raise voice against the seminars and public events held by Essense UK, a group of freethinking rationalists within the UK Malayalee community.
The group, with the mission to promote freethinking and raise scientific awareness, are conducting seminars and public events throughout the UK. The primary objective of Essense UK is to foster freethinking and scientific temper. Essense UK proposes people to base their opinions and actions on reason and knowledge rather than on religious belief or emotional response.
Essense UK's first programme 'Renaissance 2018' has its first speaker Ravichandran C, an award winning author and orator who has been going around the UK giving lectures and taking questions from attendees. Ravichandran C is an Assistant Professor at University College, Thiruvananthapuram, who is a well known freethinker, writer, orator and cyber activist in Kerala. His priority  areas are science and rationalism.
He delivers lectures on the true facets of spirituality which according to him is corrupted, fraudulent and exploitative to the core. Ravichandran calls upon all the progressive forces in Kerala to unite to thwart the looming threat of caused by the snowballing theocratization of the body politic. Ravichandran goes about talking about the fast spreading darkness in the society of Kerala due to increasing rate of religiosity and anti-science campaigns.
Essense UK had to undergo some technical difficulties during its programme in Croydon. The Powerpoint segment didnt work due to a faulty cable and also there was an interruption when the fire alarm went on.
Many believers and a religious leader opined that this is a proof of divine intervention and this website sought a response from Essense UK as a reply to the so called religious leaders.
The event was also affected in Cardiff when the organisers had to change the venue. It was alleged that some people worked behind to have the venue shifted. The event in Cardiff went well without any issues in another venue last night.
The event in East Ham is tomorrow May 26 , Saturday. From 4 PM - 7 PM at Trinity Centre,  East Ave London E12 6SG, UK. It will be interesting to see if there will be any further interventions tomorrow.
This is what Essense UK had to provide as reply:
There was a delay in starting the programme in Croydon due to difficulties in setting up the powerpoint presentation.
RC in his talk mentioned that all the religious texts were written in accordance with the level of knowledge available at that time in that region. Also the fact that they are written in ancient languages makes it easy for people to interpret it how they want. That is probably why religion fails to make any scientific predictions but is always able to claim any scientific development as theirs by interpreting ambiguous sentences according to need.
The talk was followed by a Q & A session, but there was further hindrance in the form of a fire alarm. Security staff promptly performed all the safety checks and it was found to be a false alarm due to a technical glitch, so we were able to continue without much delay.
Later we came to know that a religious leader present there claimed that the technical glitches were due to “divine Intervention”.
Assuming that there is a God capable of divine intervention, how do you explain divine intervention when God doesn’t intervene in mass massacres but intervenes in a small power point presentation?
How do you explain divine intervention when devotees die in stampedes at pilgrim centres?
How do you explain divine intervention when whole families die in accidents on the way to places of worship?
Why is there divine intervention in the form of a fire alarm to disrupt a talk and Q&A session, but no divine intervention when houses with people inside are burned down by a fire caused by a lit lamp left in front of a picture of god?
It is quite normal that we face problems in our daily life, by claiming that as divine intervention is running away from your responsibilities and it is not going to make anything better. It is best to follow a rational approach and learn valuable lessons for future. In this case the powerpoint failure was probably due to a non compliant HDMI cable or a faulty port. Risk Mitigation analysis suggests doing test runs before hand and having back options for future events.
Regarding the false fire alarm what will happen if the security staff at the venue shrugs it off as divine intervention; most likely it will happen again another time during another programme. By doing risk mitigation they can easily avoid future inconveniences.
The same idea of divine intervention was circulated when Titanic sank in 1912 taking 1503 lives. Instead of accepting it as divine intervention and spending their lives in regret several studies were conducted in various fields ranging from safety precautions to properties of metals in extreme cold and loop holes were identified and maritime standards have improved manifold ever since.
Will divine intervention disrupt East Ham programme. Its yet to wait and watch. East Ham programme is on Saturday May 26.
East Ham:
May 26 , Saturday. From 4 PM - 7 PM:
Address: Trinity Centre,  East Ave London E12 6SG, UK

May 27 , Sunday From 5 PM - 8 PM:
‭Address: ‬The Plaza hotel, ‬Tallaght, ‬Dublin, Ireland

For further details please contact 0787 400 2934 , 074155 00102 or 0770 287 3539.