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Black & Asian doctors' fight against injustice: Sign Petition & attend meet on March 3

Representation Image Above - Courtesy India Bulletin
By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Feb 28: The Black and Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) doctors in the UK have begun fight against the General Medical Council (GMC) to stop institutional bias and racial discrimination in all spheres of a doctor's job.
Protests against the regulatory body GMC have begun through several online signature campaign and also with a major meeting being held in Leicester on March 3, 2018 (Scroll Below To View Full Programme Schedule)
The present furore over discrimnation arose with the case of a Nigerian paediatric trainee Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba
(Video about the Bawa-Garba case)

This decision has sparked anger from the medical community, with many raising concerns that the High Court case failed to look at medical realities, including exceptional pressures faced by NHS staff and system-wide failings. The first head to roll was the foreign nurse assigned to look after the child that night, and next scapegoated was Dr Bawa-Garba. 
BAME doctors feel that there is institutional bias against them when compared to white doctors when such cases goes to court or tribunals. The signature campaign wants the GMC to clarify what processes are in place to ensure institutional bias against Black and Minority Ethnic doctors does not play a part when considering which MPTS decisions to appeal.
This signature campaign will be the right oportunity for doctors to have their voice heard within the highest circles of power who are likely to make life changing decision for doctors. Click to read the petition and submit
The doctors are also holding a meeting on March 3, 2018 titled 'Crimininalising medical error Learning from HBG Incident'. The meeting will be discussing systems failure, disappointment, concern, fear and finally protecting the career you love. (Scroll Below To See The Programme Schedule)
The meeting is hosted by the BAPIO and MDS. All doctors are invited to take part in this meeting which will sure raise several shortcomings with the GMC which requires immediate attention.
British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) is a national voluntary organisation with a commitment to the principle of providing high quality patient care through the National Health Service. BAPIO actively promotes the principles of diversity and equality with the aim of “Empowering doctors and dentists of Indian heritage to be beacons of leadership and professional excellence.”
To attend this free meeting please register your names and pledge your support by clicking HERE