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Agimol & Minija attend Global Nursing Campaign launched by Duchess of Cambridge (VIDEO)

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Feb 28: The Duchess of Cambridge has both launched and become patron of a new global campaign to raise the profile and status of nursing, which was launched yesterday (Feb 27, 2018). Along with UK nurses and nursing leaders from around the world, she attended an event yesterday at St Thomas’ Hospital in London to launch of the Nursing Now campaign.
The UK Malayalee community were privileged to have two of its noted nursing professionals Minija Joseph and Agimol Pradeep also attend the event. Agimol is transplant coordinator and Minija is Theatre Matron at King's College Hospital NHS Trust. Both were representing the King's College Hospital NHS Trust to be part of Global Nursing Campaign launch along with nursing leaders from around the world. 

Agimol and Minija with Chief Nursing Officer for England Professor Jane Cumming

This campaign titled Nursing Now is a three years global initiative in collaboration with International Nursing Council and World Health Organization. This is intended to recognise nurses globally and to promote nursing widely.
Duchess of Cambridge congratulated nurses around the world and acknowledged that nurses make a difference in the community.  She thanked each and every nurses who work tirelessly to make the change in the community. 

Agimol and Minija with WHO Chief Nursing Officer Elizabeth Iro and President of International Council of Nurses Annette Kennedy

Representatives from different countries (Singapore, Uganda, Thailand) alongwith officials from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Chief Nursing Officer of England  and Executive Director of NHS England Professor Jane Cumming and Members of Parliament attended the meeting in London. 
"It was a great honour for us to hear from Harriet Baldwin MP,  how much she valued nurses role in NHS and also to acknowledge that she had dedicated £5 Million to Global Nurses program", Minija and Agimol told this website.
Nursing Now Launch Video

Some of the representatives who chaired the panel were Rosemary Josey, Nurses Association of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas Catherine Odeke, Chief Nurse and Commissioner of Nursing and Midwives, Uganda, Dr. Kanjana Chunthai, Director, Government Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Thailand; Elizabeth Iro, Chief Nursing Officer, WHO; Baroness Mary Watkins of Tavistock, House of Lords; Annette Kennedy, President International Council of Nurses; Dr. Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary, Department of Health, Uganda
Simultaneously launch took place in Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland in the presence of WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus alongwith Princess Moona of Jordan. Along with UK and Switzerland; Uganda, South Africa and US launched this event during the session and we all joined via Videolink and shared the aims and objectives of this initiative.
Nursing Now was founded by nurses and other health experts based on the findings of the 2016 Triple Impact report, produced by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health. It found that empowering nurses boosts health globally and also helps improve gender equality and build stronger economies.