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One Day Workshop: How To Set Up Nursing and Care Agency, IT System for Office, Understand Training Needs; Businesses and Individuals Can Register Now

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Jan 29: A One day workshop will be hosted on Saturday  February 17, 2018 in London focusing on topics in the nursing and care work industry at The King Charles Hotel, Brompton Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 5QT (Web: http://www.kingcharleshotel.co.uk)
The workshop is aimed to provide advisory guidance on how to start a nursing recruitment agency, care agency, obtaining nursing agency franchise, how to enhance your agency through a new IT software to enhance your business, to understand on what training should be provided to nurses and care workers.
Many businesses have sprung up with the demands of nurses and care workers increasing. It is time that these businesses ensure that they are complying with all what is required from the government, providing the right training to their staff and also ensuring that they have a robust IT system to run their office. 
This will also be an opportunity for those who already run an agency for them to listen and understand on how they can improve their business. 
The workshop is hosted by the ukmalayalee.com's Business Section. Those who are interested to take part should register their interest immeditaley as there are only limited seats available and it will be on a first come basis.
To register your interest please Text or ring 07855769395 or email editor@ukmalayalee.com
The topics that will be covered on the day will be as below.
1 How to start a Nursing Agency
2 Nursing Agency Franchise Opportunity
3 Nursing Agency Software
4 Training Needs for Staff
1 How to start a Nursing Agency: Eager to start your own Care Business? Admire the freedom of being your own boss?
Here you have the right opportunity to attend a workshop to get started. Whether you already own a small business or are looking to set up your own business – this is the place for you. By attending, you will receive an understanding of how to start your own care and nursing recruitment agency. 
2 Nursing Agency Franchise Opportunity
Here you have the chance to discuss about the the advantages of franchising a successful business model. If you have already set up a care business but finding difficulties to get shifts from the clients, then this would be perfect place for you to get sub contract of NHS and other care settings.
3 Nursing Agency Software
LOGEZY​ is a top level Cloud Based Employee management and tracking software that is built by keeping every part of the process connected. On this day you will get a live Demo of Nursing agency Software. Logezy has many features that will help you to reduce your admin job and save minimum £1000 a month.
4. Training for nurses and care workers
With Care Quality Commission (CQC) giving more and more emphasis to the quality of the care provided, Care Homes are looking for qualified and trained staff to improve the quality of the service that they provide. DHR have direct experience of running both residential and supported living services and is in a position of unique advantage to support their clients with their bespoke training requirements.  Attendees will be able to understand the skills that your staff requires to meet the expectations of your clients.
To register your interest please Text or ring 07855769395 or email editor@ukmalayalee.com