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UK Malayalee writer Karoor Soman in plagiarism row with Kerala blogger: Soman apologises but Kerala writer to take legal action

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Dec 29: UK Malayalee writer Karoor Soman has been involved in a plagiarism row with a noted Malayalee blogger through Facebook posts and Live videos.
Manoj Ravindran Niraksharan, a noted writer who concentrates on travelogues, book reviews, social issues, cinema has found out from one his friends (Manoj Kunnambath) that UK based Karoor Soman has copied parts of his blog in three chapters about his travel to Spain onto Karoor's book Spain Kaalaporinte Naatil. 
The book was published by the reputed publishers in Kerala Mathrubhumi Publications. Manoj has informed Mathrubhumi Publications who have now decided to remove the books from distribution and pursue legl actions.
Manoj Ravindran has taken to Facebook Live to explain his side of things and his arguments have evoked strong criticism against Karoor Soman from UK based writers and literary aficionados. 

Manoj's Facebook Post goes onto to say that Karoor Soman rang him later and took a conciliatory approach by offering him a compromise but Manoj is looking to receive proper guidance in regards to the matter before he makes a final decision.

Meanwhile support has poured in for Manoj Ravindran from UK based Malayalee writers.

Omana Gangadharan, noted writer and former mayor of Newham Council wrote on her Facebook supporting Manoj Ravindran: ""For a period over a decade or more this guy Daniel Samuel pen named Karoor Soman send me many mails, talked evil about my writings( I have been writing since the age of sixteen) wrote a abusive messages to Indian channels just because he was worried about my writings. 

"My novel 'Arumallatha Oral' was my best seller. He also criticised my political status and even had the courage to talk to public that I don’t writing my stories. A man with no moral values and harassing women in a country like Britain. 
"What did I do to him or what will he gain in abusing and harassing a well known author like me.
"Live a decent life and let others live that what he might have learnt from his religion. Once I heard from a famous Malayalam novelist that this Soman choose a Hindu religious name so that his readership would increase. I feel sorry for his wickedness. His guy was or not any match for me and so I left it there. But I was waiting for the next opportunity for him to haunt me.
"Manoj you have my support. If so one has stolen Whole or parts of your-writings, are many lawyers here no win no fee. Copy right laws are very strict here. All the best".
Jinson Iritty, another Malayalam writer, wrote heavily criticising Karror Soman. In his Facebook post he said this is unpardonable. 
Jacob Koyippilly, another writer and socialist coined a troll word 'Somanadi', meaning copying someone else's works.