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Whatsapp users and its Admins in Gulf face jail if they break these rules

By Anu Sivan

DUBAI Dec 23: Be alert of these EIGHT norms to avoid summons. Numerous group administrators received notice on offence.
One should be on utmost caution while using what's app on Arab Gulf Cooperation Countries (AGCC) as the Whatsapp groups are on constant observance of authorities.
Financial procurements even for charity via what's app is strictly restricted. They gathered evidence of such groups who summed  crores through such transactions.
The actions and discussions against code of ethics in whatsapp groups are closely examined.  Whatsapp admins are warned about the consequences and instructed to delete such groups on a short notice of 72 hours .
The admins are given awareness on the matter and if repeated will be subjected to jurisdiction.
The discussions and debates on AGCC affairs and inclined opinions on any part are strictly prohibited.
There were already reports that Whatsapp groups are on scrutiny but most were not aware of the consequence till receiving the notice.
Police give these strict instructions on Whatsapp usage as follows:
1. No money gathering is allowed through whatsapp.
2. Using whatsapp for charity purpose and  collecting money via what's app for charity is against Gulf regions law.
3. Unhealthy and disreputable discussions are not allowed.
4. Instigating meetups via whatsapp is restricted.
5. Defaming individuals or nations are strictly prohibited.
6. The circulating of fabricated news and  hypothetical facts through whatsapp is an offence.
7. Accident pictures are not allowed to circulate in whatsapp and other social medias.
8. Violating one's privacy is a crime according to Gulf law, even in case of spouses. In a similar occurance deportation along with fine is imposed for the offence of sending pictures from husbands phone to wife's phone with out permission.
Moreover picturizing restricted areas like government buildings, palaces, courts etc is strictly prohibited under the law. Capturing personal pictures  without permission and taking pictures of aircrafts also comes under offence.