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Malayalee teenager skydives to raise funds for cancer charity (VIDEO)

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON July 4: A Malayalee teenage girl from Liverpool embraced a daredevil act to raise funds for cancer charity.
Lynette Mathew wanted to do something special for her 17th birthday and her parents never expected her to come up with such an idea, which still can send shivers down the spine to any immigrant families from the Malayalee community. However, the new generation are proving to be bold, brave and different and daring to take any adventures that will send their adrenaline rushing.
Traditionally, Malayalee parents hold their kids back from such adventures but Lynette's parents gave the go ahead which opened up a new world to Lynette to soar 15,000 feet above the earth.
Speaking to Raji Mathew, we asked: How did you agree for your daughter to do this skydive? Raji said: "Initially we thought she was kidding; but when we realised Lynette was quite confident, we gave her our full backing. Why should we hold her back? Let her fly and enjoy the experience – after all, this was for a noble cause too.”
On Sunday, 25th June 2017, Lynette flew to fifteen thousand feet in an aircraft and dived down in a freefall reaching speeds of 120 miles per hour before opening her parachute to touch down the ground safely.
Lynette's 17th birthday will always remain embedded in her life's milestones as along with the skydive she was also raising funds to support the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre which is one of the largest networked cancer centres in the UK. So far she has raised over £2,200 for the charity.
After successfully completing her big jump Lynette said with a smile: "The skydiving was an amazing experience. The incredible feeling is beyond any words to explain. One needs to do it to understand it. I want to do it again. Thanks to all who have supported me in this fundraising.”
There is an opportunity to support Lynette's fundraising still and like the saying any little helps will count a lot. Please drop in whatever you can to help this teenage girl who took such an adventurous trip to raise funds for the needy.
Lynette is a Year 12 student at Liverpool College. Painting is her favourite hobby in which she has won numerous prizes. She is an active member of the Liverpool Mar Thoma youth fellowship and is a regular presence on LIMCA stages.
Lynette hails from Mavelikara in Kerala and has a younger sister Olivia who is in Year 8. Lynette’s father Raji Mathew works for Home Office as a Business Intelligence Analyst and mother Elcy Varughese is a Cardiac Team Leader with Mersey Care NHS Trust.