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Record number of participants register for badminton tournament on April 22 (LIST)

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON April 6: A record number of players have registered for the first ever all UK badminton tournament for Advanced and Intermediate categories. 
The first ever idea of holding a tournament for the two categories was floated by Badminton Malayalee Federation, which is evolving to becoming a platform for all badminton players of all categories from the Malayalee community in the UK.
Badminton Malayalee Federation have confirmed that 21 teams have registered for the Advanced Category and 30 teams for Intermediate Category.
The first tournament of this kind, powered by ukmalayalee.com, will be held on April 22 from 9am to 6pm at the Arena Sports Kettering, Northampton, NN15 6PB.
Badminton Malayalee Federation joined up with ukmalayalee.com to run the first ever event for them and the response it has received was overwhelming. 
Advanced Category Prizes: 1st Prize: £251 & Trophy, Second Prize: £151 & Trophy, Third Prize: £101 & Trophy (Registration Fees: £40) - Shuttles: YONEX: AS -30)
Intermediate Category Prizes: 1st Prize: £201 & Trophy, Second Prize: £151 & Trophy, Third Prize: £75 & Trophy - (Registration Fees £30) - Shuttles YONEX Mavis - 300.
For further details and to register please contact Jini Thomas on 07872049757 or Lenin on 07950403607 or Jomish 07468562437.
There have been numerous badminton tournaments held by various groups and associations all over the UK. However, the one criticism was that a group of top notch players from the Malayalee community particpated and won the majority of the tournaments resulting in several good players not being able to make their mark. 
This resulted in some Malayalee associations taking a stance not to invite those top notch players to their tournaments in order to favour their own players.
To avoid such practices in the Malayalee community, the Badminton Malayalee Federation UK came out with the idea of ranking the players according to groups and running tournaments in an Advanced and Intermediate categories that will reflect the right results and bringing out the best in the Malayalee community.
The ranking of players is decided by a panel of judges nominated by the Badminton Malayalee Federation UK.
Visit BMF UK website to know further details