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Husband commits suicide alleging wife's affairs on Internet: Wife responds (VIDEOS)

JEDDAH Jan 23: A Malayalee migrant who has been living alongwith his wife in Saudi Arabia as committed suicide after declaring on social media that his wife cheated on him.
The shocking story of Shaji was reported by him on social media through a video clip before him committing suicide. He alleged his wife's illicit relationship with another man living in the same flat. His last words on social media broke everyone’s heart. He committed suicide because his wife has an another affair with a guy named John in Saudi Arabia. 
According to the video clip by Shaji he was ready to accept his wife Shoba after knowing the stories of her affair. But she was not ready. 

Both Shaji and Shoba was working in Saudi Arabia. He took his wife to Saudi because she was a nurse and she easily got a job there. She got the job in Sadha hospital in Riyadh. According to Shaji's video Sobha started to disobey him because she was higher in earning as well as in case of fairness. Thus she started a new relation ship with a neighbor who was rich.
According to the video, she forced Shaji to go Kerala alone. And she started to live with John her rich neighbor. The relationship with John got deeper. When shaji returned from Kerala, his relatives and friends informed him about Sobha. But still he was ready to accept her. He said to stop the new relationship. I will forgive you for what you have done. But she was not ready. Shaji got depressed about his life. After every thing he put a live video of this story and committed suicide.