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Dont miss this Facebook post about UK Malayalee association celebrations and drink culture

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Dec 30: Several Facebook posts appear bemoaning the not so good aspect of the UK Malayalee community and it gets widespread appeal. Although this one too does the same but it gives a wakeup call to those association 'leaders' who get a bit high in order to get some strength or become fearless before getting on to the stage.
The Facebook post goes like this: "UK Malayalees' three main yearly celebrations are Christmas, Easter-Vishu and Onam. Wherever there are a few families you will find a Malayalee association. Once the membership of an association goes above ten families then the association splits into more splinter groups. Such is the situation in most of the places in the UK. 
"Some of the association leaders resort to taking on alcohol to get a high prior to getting on the stage so that they carry out their activities without fear. Most of these leaders' wives will have a similar group and with common interests who would support their husbands in all activities.
"As the programmes proceed these leaders now make use of the hired kitchen and the touchings from the Christmas/Onam dinner menu to consume more alcohol. The same happens outside in some of the attendees cars too.
"However, the whole things take a different turn when these drunk leaders and members now feel "fearless, valiant and heroic" and slowly they go after those members who are not part of their group or interest to vent their anger from previous grudge or disagreement they had on another occasion. They also target some who would not respond in order to retain their dignity and not resort to the same way or stoop to lower standards.
"Several of them are seen to join the whole melee and start being physical and end up throwing things around and using expletives without the thought of having to face each other the next day.
The post ends with a veiled warning to these miscreant 'leaders' that many of the victim members dont take the extreme steps to complain to the authorities as it may end up in destroying another community members' career and family life.
The post ends with a funny note in Malayalam. Enjoy reading it below. 
This website wishes Jobi Joseph all the best for highlighting such an issue which is prevalent among the UK Malayalee community and hope those so called 'leaders' would read this and get to taste what the majority think about them. Share the post with as many 'leaders' as you can today.