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First ever Malayalam drama club in Europe to celebrate 25 years

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON Dec 26: Malayalam drama has had a glorious past in the 80s and 90s prior to the advent and common usage of computers and Internet. The art form, which was the mainstay of the common Malayalee populace, had its viewers diminish gradually with several opting for enjoying entertainment in the confines of their home through television or the Internet. 
Television and Internet provided value added entertainment through technology but it took away the real time enjoyment of any art form. Drama artistes slowly moved on to Malayalam TV serials or films as there were not many takers for this art form and they found it going hard as a mainstay for their livelihood.
However, it is heartening to know that there were a few who kept the small flicker of this art form perpetually lighted in Kerala and abroad. Whoever has kept this going has done without any monetary benefits but just through the sheer delight it gives them in staging such dramas thorugh the trials and tribualtions one has to go through to having this art form played on a stage.  
Kerala still has the love for this art form and will find an audience at any given time. However, for such an art form to be kept going in Europe has been a great achievement. Malayalee Association of UK's drama wing Dhrishyakala, enters into a chequered history of UK Malayalees by becoming the one and only drama club outside Kerala that has reached the milestone of completing 25 years.
Malayalee Association of UK, which has roots of origin dating back to the days of the first High Commissioner of India to the UK, V K Krishna Menon's college days in London, has been the cradle of many such novel activities in the UK. Alongwith several of their other pristine community projects they now can take pride in sustaining a dying art form.
Dhrishyakala will be staging Nira Nirayo Nira, to celebrate the momentous occasion. The drama for this historic occasion will be directed by Sasi S Kulamada. Nira Nirayo Nira is scripted by Rajan Kizhakkanela. On stage artistes will be Babu, Nihas, Jaison, Keerthy, Fredin Xavier, Sasi S Kulamda, Manju, Angeline, Mallika. The drama will be staged on Saturday February 11, 2017 from 3pm to 8pm at Plashet School Auditorium, along with a celebration of its artistes of yesteryears and present.
During the span of this 27 years Dhrishyakala has staged 21 dramas which itself is another record of its own and a proud achievement for this organisation.
This website spoke to a few to share their views on such a proud achievement which will be published shortly.
Below is the list of Dramas staged by Dhrishayakala in the span of the last 25 years which is a feat which none of the organisations in the UK could have achieved. 
1. Purappurathoru Rathri -                     Direction: Babu - Script: Rajan Kizhakkanela
2. Jarayau -                                               Direction: Babu - Script: Rooban Mathew
3. Yamapuri -                                             Direction: Babu Script: Rooban Mathew
4. Valmeekam -                                         Direction: Babu - Script: Rajan Kizhakkanela
5. Amalanmar -                                         Direction: Babu Script: Prof G Sankara Pillai
6. Prabhathathinte Aadhyarasmikal -   Direction: Babu
7. Mathangale Vazhimaroo -                  Direction: Babu Script: Prof Kandachira Babu
8. Pratheeksha - -                                     Direction: Babu Script: AR Ratheesan
9. Puthuppanam Kotta - -                        Direction: Babu Script: Thikkodiyan
10. Rajasabha - -                                      Direction: Babu Script: Ibrahim Vengara
11. Charthu -                                              Direction: AR Noushad Script: Mayyanad Hashim
12. Jwalamughighal -                               Direction: AR Noushad Script: TM Abraham
13. Goodnight -                                          Direction: AR Noushad Script: NN Pillai
14. Judgment -                                           Direction: AR Noushad Script: NN Pillai
15. Panthrandu Makkale Pettoramme - Direction: Sasi S Kulamada - Script: Rajan Kizhakkanela
16. Varika Gandharva Gayaka -              Direction: Sasi S Kulamada - Script: Rajan Kizhakkanela
17. Aarya Vaidhyan Vayaskara Moos -  Direction: Sasi S Kulamada - Script: Rajan Kizhakkanela
18. Kunjan Nambiar - -                              Direction: Sasi S Kulamada - Script: Rajan Kizhakkanela
19. Nira Nirayo Nira -                                 Direction: Sasi S Kulamada - Script: Rajan Kizhakkanela
20. Mandan Govindante Sandehangal  Direction: Kapil Rajesh Script: Khan Kaval
21. Swathi Vedham -                                  Direction Manoj Siva Script: Manoj Siva