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Doctors from other states to visit Kerala to understand social commitment

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Feb 12:  Kerala has always been on top of the health graph, setting standards for others to follow. Now it is going to be the preferred place for doctors from other states to have a hands-on experience on social commitment.
With Kerala boasting high standards in healthcare services, and doctors here believed to be following certain medical ethics and keeping their commitment to society, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has called on all doctors to experience it.
Noting the state’s performance in all health parameters, IMA National President Dr Ravi Wankhedkar told Express the association felt the doctors across the country should draw inspiration from Kerala, Express News reported.
“The field-level experience can be got from no other state but Kerala. Though there could be some instances where the doctors could be at fault, the doctors in the state in general are known for their social commitment,’’ said Wankhedkar.
Noting the doctors should have an experience of the Kerala model of working, Wankhedkar said they have to see how the doctors here work in the coastal and tribal sectors as well as the public health centres, community health centres, taluk and district hospitals.
They can also be part of some of the programmes initiated by the health department and also the IMA Kerala chapter. “Unless and until people see and feel, they won’t believe.
They’ve to see for themselves how the doctors work and how they’re committed to the people,’’ he said. Wankhedkar said the doctors who visit the state, which is a tourist destination, during vacation could chart the programme in such a manner that they could get in touch with some of the activities.
He said the programme will be charted within a month and all the three lakh members of the IMA would be intimated of it.