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Kerala ranks first in overall health performance in India

NEW DELHI Feb 10: According to Niti Aayog's report titled, "Healthy States, Progressive India", Kerala tops the list of states on the basis of its overall health performance. 
The report has been developed by Niti Aayog with technical assistance from World Bank, and in consultation with the Ministry of Health. The report is an attempt to annually scrutinise and measure the state of affairs and complexities of health in the country. 
The report lists these states on the basis of their 'performance in health outcome index'. Following Kerala in the list of 21 large states is Punjab and Tamil Nadu.
The report was launched by Amitabh Kant, CEO Niti Aayog, in the presence of Preeti Sudan, Secretary, Ministry of Health, and Junaid Ahmad, India country director, World Bank.
The rankings of the states were done by dividing the country into 3 categories - large states, smaller states and union territories.
Kerala ranks first in the list with the health index of 76.55 in 2015-16. However, the state has shown a decline as compared to its performance in the previous year.
Uttar Pradesh on the other hand - a state which is at the bottom in the group of larger states - has shown an improvement in its annual performance as compared to the previous year.
In the category of larger states, Jharkhand turned out to be the biggest gainer in terms of its annual increment performance, followed by Jammu and Kashmir.
Moving on to the smaller states, Mizoram topped the list of overall performance, followed by Manipur. Manipur is also on the top of the list of annual increment performance. Goa and Meghalaya were next on the list of annual increment performance after Manipur.
Speaking of the union territories, the best overall performer and annual incremental performer is Lakshadweep.