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Binoy Kodiyeri held back in Dubai following travel ban

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Feb 5: A civil case has been registered against CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son Binoy Kodiyeri in connection with Rs. 13 crore cheque case.
The Dubai police registered the civil case against Binoy Kodiyeri on February 1, 2018, based on the complaint filed by the JASS Tourism LLC, the company to which Binoy owes the money.
With this Binoy, who is in Dubai now, cannot travel back to his home country until the case is settled. Emigration officers stopped Binoy from travelling back to Kerala, ceased his passport, and send him back to his residence in Dubai.
Binoy had earlier submitted a clearance certificate from the Dubai police stating that there are no cases registered against him. Binoy went back to Dubai as soon as the news of him having to give Rs. 13 crore to the company came to light. This was followed by JASS company owner and Dubai citizen Hasan Ismail Abdullah al Marzooqi filing a complaint against him, and the police put a travel ban on Binoy.
Kodiyeri Balakrishnan had earlier said that there was no travel ban on Binoy, and that his son is in Dubai and there is no need for the Dubai citizen to take any trouble of coming to Kerala.
The complaint raised against Binoy is that he has swindled Rs. 13 crore off the Dubai-based JASS Tourism LLC. The company has claimed that they have given Binoy an amount of Rs. 53.61 lakhs to buy a car, and another Rs. 7.7 crore for him to do business in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal. They have also said that the Rs. 13 crore is including bank interest and court fees that the company incurred.
Talking to reporters, Binish Kodiyeri, brother of Binoy Kodiyeri, has said that it is Rs. 1.72 crore and not Rs. 13 crore that his brother owes to the Dubai-based JASS Tourism LLC.
Binish, who confirmed that there is a travel-ban imposed on his brother, also said that there is no immediate need for Binoy to travel to Kerala.
“We will appeal against the travel-ban within a week. This case has been brought up only because there are CPM meetings happening now. There is a conspiracy behind this. If there is a case against Biony, we’ll deal with it legally,” said Binish, adding that no one can hold their father as responsible for something that his son has done, and that both he and Binoy are adults who are responsible for their own actions.
He also said that some people are spreading the fake news that Binoy owes the company an amount of Rs. 13 crore. He reiterated that they have been saying since the beginning that they only owe Rs. 1.72 crore to the company and that people who are willing to listen to them have understood this, and that it’s not his mistake that the media is not understanding this.