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NRI homes targeted by robbers by putting stickers druing day time in Kerala

By A Staff Reporter

THIRUVALLA Jan 8:  More and more people finding marks and signs on their walls suspecting being targeted by the robbers is creating panic in Kerala. The latest incident occured in NRI familiy's  wall in Peringara. 
Peringara Karaykkal Mavelil M. E. Mathan's house  has seen tagged with symbols and black stickers. Windows of three upper deck rooms of the two storey building was denoted with markings.
The electric posts on the way to the residence were also marked with  pictures and signs.
Mr. Mathan along with his mother and daughter in laws lives there. His wife and two sons reside in the US. They recall the sound of a car and the electriticy was cut off at the particular night.
They specify about pedlars who entered the premise inorder to display curtains and beddings and their hesitance to leave eventhough the  residents showed any interest in the purchase.
The police informs the public to be vigilant about the people who comes for door to door delivery. More and more such cases are being reported in various parts of the state.
This modus operandi was warned by the police authority depicting the signs and symbols and the hidden meanings few months ago through social media.
Forth with the police warning about  such incidents which was  privalent in other states more of the same kind is being surfacing in Kerala recently.