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Looks like attempt to destroy Dileep, PC George writes to CM

KOCHI JULY 14: PC George MLA has written to the chief minister, expressing his own doubts over the implication of actor Dileep in actor attack case.
In the letter, written without mentioning the name of the actor, he says he doubts whether there was a planned move to destroy the actor.                                              
“There could be conspiracy behind the letter written by Pulsar Suni from jail finding its way to media. In this conspiracy, the main accused is the jail superintendent who illegally allowed the letter to be taken outside the jail.    
If a prisoner has to write a letter, the paper for it should be provided by the jail supt, who is also responsible to read it. As per rules, the letter will be allowed to be taken outside only after he is convinced that there is no legal flaw in the letter.   
Moreover, using jail department’s seal on letter is serious breach of law. It is doubtful weather seal was stamped after the letter was examined properly,” he says.
Meanwhile, Dileep’s brother Anoop has alleged that the actor was caught using a well-laid trap. “There is a big controversy behind this. My brother who is arrested will prove his innocence and come back,” he told media persons.
Anoop said the script prepared to trap Dileep beat even scripts in Malayalam cinema. “Tomorrow any artiste can face such a situation. The general public should not become donkeys,” he added.
Meanwhile, police may question Anoop since they had found out earlier that the letter purportedly written by Pulsar Suni from jail was handed over to him through Suni’s jail-mate Vishnu. Police would also find out whether Anoop helped Dileep to settle the issue.
'We 'll begin it when they end it'
Later talking to a private channel, Anoop said the rumour that Dileep’s wife Kavya Madhavan was false. “The conspiracy is not by Dileep but against Dileep. Those who have trapped him may be celebrating now. Let all of them finish their game, after which we’ll start ours’ he said.
Anoop said, fed up of false allegations, he even thought of running away from Kerala. “When the true evidence are found out, Dileep’s innocence will be proved,” he added.