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Actress denies any financial partnership with actor Dileep

Thiruvananthapuram July 14: The actress abducted and molested in Kochi has denied reports that she was involved in real estate and other financial partnerships with actor Dileep who was arrested in connection with conspiracy behind the incident.
In a statement on Thursday, her first after Dileep’s arrest on July 10, the actress said she had not bothered to clarify on the matter earlier because she assumed that the “baseless reports” would stop.
She said developments over the past few days had left her shocked.
The actress’ alleged rift with Dileep over their financial partnerships was cited in some reports on the conspiracy.
She said she had never tried to frame anyone in the case due to personal enmity. “I’ve never mentioned a name anywhere.
It’s true that I’ve done many films with him and our friendship ended due to personal differences,” she said.
The actress clarified that she didn’t have social media accounts and content shared in her name was not with her knowledge.
“I’m writing this because I’m not in a frame of mind which allows me to discuss all this on a television channel,” she said.