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The letter that nailed Dileep: Full Text

KOCHI July 12: Among the evidence against actor Dileep in the actress assault case is a letter written by prime accused Pulsar Suni from District Jail, Kochi. 
Kairali News reports that this letter changed the course of police investigation and brought Dileep’s role into focus. 
Here is Sify's translation from Malayalam of the letter that nailed Dileep: 
“Dileepetta, I am Suni. I am writing this from Jail. I'm sending this letter out with great difficulty. The person who delivers this letter has no idea about the details of the case. He is just taking the trouble for my sake. 
"Before I surrendered in the case, I had come to the shop at Kakkanad. When I enquired, they said everyone was at Aluva. I am writing this now because it seems like my life has ended after I got caught in this case.
I have no option now but to take care of myself. I also have to ensure that the five people who got involved in this because they trusted me are safe.
Many are pressuring me, asking why I am being the sacrificial lamb. They say they would forgive me if I just give away a name. 
"Your enemies are coming to meet me. You could have at least sent a lawyer to enquire how things are with me. That didn't happen.
"I called Nadisha and indicated how things are. I didn't get a reply from there too. You know why I am not calling you directly. 
"Just tell me what to do. I don't need to know if you see me a friend or an enemy. I need money now. I will wait for three days after you get my letter. Let me know what your decision is by then. 
"I haven't told anyone of the events from Sound Thoma to Georgettan's Pooram. You would understand what prompted me to write this letter.
After you read this, Dileepettan, you should tell me if I can trust Nadirsha. "After a week, I will change my current lawyer.
You think about everything, and make a decision. I don't want the money you promised me in full right now. You can give that to me in five months. I will call Nadirsha directly.
I need to know the decision then. If you don't like my calling Nadirsha, send a man to me. Or send a money order of Rs 300 to my jail number. 
"If I get the money order, I will trust that you haven't yet abandoned me. You can send it to: RP No 8813, c/o Superintendent, District Jail, Ernakulam, CSEZ PO, Sunil.
I am not prolonging this letter further. Do approach me in some way. I want to tell you a lot of things directly. I don't know when I can say that. I have no time to waste.
I haven't forsaken you so far. Now you think about what to do next. Whatever you decision is, do let me know about it directly. Remember that I am in jail. If someone comes to you with stories about me, don't believe it. 
"If you have favourable things to tell me after you read this letter, convey a message to Vishnu, who is bringing you this letter. Until the time you read this letter, I have only kept you safe.
I am troubling you now only because I am in urgent need of money. I tried to meet you many times. I went to the Kakkanad shop only because my attempts to meet you failed.
"If you're on my side, do tell that to the person delivering this letter. I will let you know the rest in my next letter.”