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Is Senkumar set to join BJP? Party leaders welcome him

Thiruvananthapuram July 11: Former state police chief T P Senkumar, who has raised the hackles of political outfits after he made statements against Muslims, has been welcomed by BJP leaders to join the saffron party.
Hours after BJP state President Kummanam Rajasekharan invited Senkumar, party state General Secreatry M T Ramesh on Monday visited the former police officer at the latter’s residence. As per reports, the visit was to officially convey the invitation to join the party.
Ramesh, however, denied the reports saying it was just a ‘friendly’ visit.
“It is Senkumar who should reveal his plans on joining politics. However, we would not allow anyone to attack him just because he said his opinion,” Ramesh told the media after the meeting.
Earlier the day, Kummanam Rajasekharan had extended his invitation to Senkumar to join his party. “If he is willing to join BJP, he is welcome. If he makes his political standpoint clear, the party will discuss it. People like him joining BJP will strengthen the party. His remarks about religious terrorism are factual,” he said.
BJP national executive panel member Adv. P S Sreedharan Pillai and Party state general secretary K Surendran had also welcomed the former IPS officer to the party.
Senkumar who retired last month, had invited criticisms for making statements against Muslims. Targeting the community, he told online publication Samakalika Malayalam in an interview on Saturday: “There should be attempts from within the community to check religious extremism.
When speaking about extremism, there is no sense speaking about the RSS. One cannot have a comparison between the RSS and the Islamic State.”
 He said a section of the Muslim population still practised “love jihad”. “If religious conversions happen over love, such things would have taken place in all religions. But such conversions happen only in the Muslim community,” he alleged.
He also spoke of “demographic change” and linked it to the alleged “growing Muslim population in Kerala”. “Of 100 births in the state, 42 belong to the Muslim community, which constitutes 27 per cent of the population.
The birth rate of Hindus, which constitutes 54 per cent of population, is below 48.5 per cent. The birth rate of Christians, who constitute 19 per cent of the state’s population is 15 per cent.
If demography is changing in this manner, what kind of change would be taking place in Kerala in the future? Although the Christian birth rate is coming down, their population is not falling because of the conversions they are doing,” he had said.