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Complaint against Sen Kumar for transferring officer illegally

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM May 11: Junior Superintended Kumari Beena has given a complaint to the home department against State Police Chief T P Senkumar, citing that she was removed as head of T Branch, the high intelligence wing in the police headquarters.    
Beena gave the complaint to Home Department Secretary Subrata Biswas. In the complaint Beena pointed out that she was removed, illegally. She also alleged that Senkumar behaved in a manner to settle scores with her.
It was yesterday that Senkumar issued an order removing her from the post of T Branch head. Beena was replaced with C S Sajeev Chandran from N Branch.
But Sajeev was willing for it, Peroorkada SAP Junior Superintendent Suresh Krishna was appointed.
Meanwhile, officials in the police headquarters said that when Senkumar was removed as DGP, somebody had asked for Puttingal-Jish case related documents through an RTI application and Beena disagreed to give them.
The current action is in response to this.