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Huge fake note haul in Kollam: Serial actress, mother arrested

KOLLAM July 4: In a massive fake note haul in Kollam, a noted serial actress and her mother were arrested on Tuesday. The arrested actress is Surya Sasikumar, her sister Sruthi and their mother Rama Devi.
Surya has appeared in a number of serials.  
From Rama Devi’s house near women ITI at Kollam Mana, fake notes worth Rs 57 lakh and printing machine were seized
The information about the arrested persons was obtained from persons arrested from Idukki Anakkara, the other day.
The notes recovered were of denomination Rs 500 and Rs 200. Police also took computer and printer used for the fraud. The fake notes were printed at the top floor of Surya Sasikumar’s posh house.                                                           
Police informed that printing of fake notes has been going on for the past six months at this centre.