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State to open RCC model cancer treatment centers in each district

Thiruvananthapuram May 9: Kerala government has decided to open cancer diagnostic and treatment centers in all districts. The move is in the wake of the alarming rise of cancer cases reported in the state.
The government will initiate an action-plan, to control cancer, which will be revised every five years till 2030, Madhyamam reported.
The government has decided to coordinate operations of primary health centres, district hospitals, medical colleges, Cochin Cancer Centre, Malabar Cancer Centre and Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) with the cancer treatment centers at district level.
Doctors, nurses and health workers will be trained by RCC, MCC and medical colleges.
A plan is also being considered to coordinate all insurance schemes to cover the poor patients' treatment expense. The government also plans to introduce Universal Health Insurance to include those other than poor.
Formation of Kerala Cancer Care Grid (KCCG) as an umbrella body comprising all cancer treatment centres is also planned. - Madhyamam