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Couple approach Kerala High Court to fix son's name

KOCHI May 10: A couple from Kochi couldn’t agree on a  name for their second child, and guess who had to intervene? The Kerala High Court! In a unique case, the court christened the child of the couple, belonging to different religions and now estranged, after they failed to reach an agreement on the kid’s name.
The couple had approached the court after they could not agree on a name for their second child for his birth certificate, Express News Service reported.
While the mother preferred the name ‘Johan Mani Sachin’ for the kid, the father wanted him named ‘Abhinav Sachin’.After hearing them, Justice A K Jayasankaran Nambiar decided to keep the first name proposed by the mother and the last name they both were okay with, thus naming the child ‘Johan Sachin’.
The couple, who got married in August 2010 as per Christian rites, developed differences after the birth of their second child. They moved the court against the municipality’s inaction in issuing a birth certificate to their second son.
The couple has already moved the family court seeking dissolution of their marriage and the case is pending.
However, the municipality maintained in the absence of a consensus between the parents on the child’s name, it could not assign a name to the child for issuing the birth certificate.
It also indicated a court order will be required for it to act, following which the duo approached the court.