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High-tech sex trade comes alive in Kochi

KOCHI April 4: High-tech sex rackets that provide girls of all ages have come alive in Kerala again. Just a phone call is enough to fix the deal. The service is known by the glorified name Escort Service. Now, Kochi is not only the commercial capital but also high tech sex trade Centre.
From school children to college students and from serial/cinema actresses to house woman, females from different sections of society are provided to the clients by this racket. Most of them are girls who fall in the trap laid by the gangs who run the racket.
As the clients include bigwigs in society, the culprits usually escapes the arms of law.   
The sex traders usually approach their customers by giving classified ads in the website ‘Locanto’. The site will have information about various sex service provided. When contacted through the phone number given on the site, it is an agent who will speak from the other side.
But first the customer will have to answer several questions posed by the agents in order to win his trust. Once the customer gives the description of his requirement, the agent will approach him with photographs at a secret place.
Once the selection is made, rate will be fixed and deal will executed at a secret hotel. All this will happen under the close monitoring of others in the gang. The money can be transferred online or by other means.  
Once a girl or woman falls into their trap, it is difficult for her to come out of it. Locanto functions mostly from Kochi. Under the name Locanto Kochi itself, there are hundreds of online accounts.
When T P Senkumar was the State Police Chief, he had taken some stringent action against such rackets. Some arrests were also made at that time. But those gangs that got disbanded have now raised their head again.