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Excise dept's income increases by 184 crore through sale of liquor

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM April 11: Excise Commissioner Rishi Raj Singh has informed that during the last financial year, the Excise department had a revenue income of Rs 2192.56
When compared with the last year’s income, there is an increase of Rs 184.69 crore. The reason for increase is the changes brought to various revenues and licence fee as part of the State government’s liquor policy.
Tax evasion was checked, enforcement activities were strengthened and use of spurious liquor and narcotic products were prevented. All this contributed towards increase in the revenue.  
Rs 16 crore income came additionally on account of Toddy shops’ licence fee. Rs 119 crore came from FL 3 Licence (Bars) and 71 crores from Excise duty.