UK Work Permit Immigration Scam in Kerala

KOTTAYAM Feb 3: Kerala is fast turning out to be a hotspot for scamsters to prey on the natives' desire to migrate to overseas to make big bucks.
There are already several fraudulent agents in Kerala already fleecing money from those looking to migrate abroad.
Now a lady has fallen victim by being offered a fake UK Work Permit.
The lady from Kottayam was given a fake certificate titled 'Expatriate Work Approval Certificate' issued by British Immigration Service Department of Naturalisation and Residency London United Kingdom.
The woman, who paid Rs67,000 for the so called work permit, was now told that she has to pay another Rs30,000 for her to be issued with the UK visa.
This lead to suspicions and only then she enquired with others when the truth came out. It was by sheer luck that she didnt lose more money.