Most Indians look to migrate to Canada for better work life balance

NEW DELHI Jan 5: Canada retained it No 1 spot as the most favoured overseas work location for those Indians who are looking to migrate abroad.
Out of a 100 per cent scale 30 percent would love to work in Canada for better work life balance, followed by 15 per cent for Australia where one can get better salary, UAE for better career opportunities and New Zealand for higher salary.
The final 25 per cent was shared by 10 per cent for UK for Golbal experience and US for better job security and 5 percent for China.
Majority of the people interviewed in the survey they preferred not to migrate abroad. A survey of 1550 working professionals showed that 40 per cent wanted to India and 60 per cent wanted to migrate abroad.
Canada is fast emerging as the preferred destination in North America. One of the important attractions of Canada for students is the fact it is 30-40% cheaper the US, even at top universities and colleges. 
Employers in Canada are wooing Indian students studying in Canada especially those in STEM fields (science, tech, engineering, mathematics).
Canada's express entry system, in fact, creates a pathway for skilled Indians to get fast-track permanent resident status and then citizenship.
For Indian students with degrees from Canadian institutions, the road to PR is even faster under the Canadian Experience Class.