'Speak f****** English': UK subway worker racially abuses customer (VIDEO)

Manchester March 17: An employee of a Subway outlet in the UK was caught on camera racially abusing an Asian customer over her English accent.
The incident took place at the Cheetham Hill store of Subway in Manchester. A subway worker at the order counter called a customer a 'dumb b****', while mocking her for her accent, Daily Mail reported.
The video also shows the employee telling the woman to 'speak f****** English'.
Another member of staff, who was filming her then says: 'Three sensible men and one dumb b*****”, as the first man continues to provoke the customer.
The male worker was sacked immediately following the incident.
The authority from Subway confirmed on Thursday about the incident at one of their franchisee, wherein the investigation has been carried and the irresponsible staff has been sacked.
A spokeswoman said: 'Subway does not condone or tolerate discriminatory behaviour of any kind. Subway franchisees set high standards for all of their employees - and any breaches of these standards are taken very seriously.'
The video footage of the racial abuse has been forwarded to Greater Manchester Police.