Indian couple suffer racist abuse in Canada

OTTAWA July 30: A shocking video shows the moment a Canadian couple was harassed by a 'racist' white man in the parking lot of a Walmart Friday afternoon.
The video, which was shared on YouTube by Patryk Laszczuk, appears to start shortly after a disagreement between two men. The attacker is seen getting into his silver truck as the victim tries to talk to him. 
'What kind of example are you setting for your children?' one man is heard asking the other as his wife records.  
Within a matter of moments the heated argument escalates and the victim's wife appears to get hit by the truck as the attacker quickly accelerates before hitting the brakes.
'Oops. Get out of the way,' the man says as the woman's husband grabs his arm.
'You put your f**king hands on me I will break your leg,' the man responded. 
The other man tries to get him to calm down by saying 'stop it', to which the other man replied: 'You're the one trying to harass me. I'm driving away.' 
'I'm a Canadian citizen,' the victim is heard saying.  
'Show me. Prove it. You don't talk like a Canadian,' the aggressor says, as he mocks the man's accent. 
'I'm racist as f**k. I don't like you. I don't like her. I would kill your children first,' the man added before driving off. 
Laszczuk told the CBC that the victim in the video is his coworker. 
The man sent Laszczuk the video shortly after the incident occurred outside the Walmart Supercenter on Centennial Parkway North in Stoney Creek.
Laszczuk said his coworker and his wife are originally from India, but are Canadian citizens who have been living in Canada for at least seven years. 
The disgusting moment took place after the couple tried to back into a parking spot and apparently got in the other man's way, according to Laszczuk.
According to Laszczuk, the 47-year-old man has since been arrested and charged with threatening death.
The woman, who was hit by the man's truck, suffered minor injuries and has since been medically cleared.