Doctors told to leave UK after Home Office refuses to issue them visas

LONDON June 6: Doctors working in the NHS have been told they must leave the UK after they were refused visas by the Home Office, medical professionals have warned, according to report in The Independent.
The Independent spoke to one man who was forced to return to India after he quit his master’s degree to take up a place on a GP training course. 
However, he was unable to obtain a certificate of sponsorship from his employer because the UK had already reached the cap on non-European Union workers. 
“A training job is hard to come by. It is frustrating. Especially because it means you can’t help the industry when it’s very short of doctors,” said the man who did not wish to be named. “I know there are many doctors going through the same situation.”
He was also unable to return to his master’s, as his student visa had expired. 
Another doctor who completed five years of GP training in the UK is being forced to leave the country with his two children because his tier 2 visa has run out.
This type of visa is given to skilled workers, but under government regulations only 20,700 can be granted each year.
A doctor-led lobbying group has now warned the home secretary that doctors currently working for the health service and others selected for GP training have been told they must leave the country. 
A letter to Sajid Javid from the Doctors’ Association UK, seen exclusively by The Independent, says that the “severe understaffing” of the NHS is being exacerbated by visa rules. 
Among the thousands of doctors who have been denied tier 2 visas are people who are already training and working in the UK, it states.