Cyclist carrying huge 'zombie' knife attacks motorist in his car in Croydon

CROYDON June 2: A cyclist wielding a huge 'zombie' knife tried to smash a motorist's window during a terrifying rush hour road rage attack in front of stunned London commuters.
Dashcam footage captures the horrifying moment the young man sprinted after a Volkswagen Polo on a busy high street in Croydon, before trying to break through the driver's side window in a frenzied assault.
The Volkswagen almost hits the cyclist while trying to pull out into traffic which appears to start the confrontation. 
The man then pulls out a blade appearing to be more than 10 inches long typically used for survival or hunting purposes.
He then throws at least ten blows at both passenger and driver windows while kicking the back doors and trying to get into the rear.
A crowd of commuters watch on in horror as the violent thug continues his brazen attack while the driver cowers  inside, the car seemingly unable to reverse.
Eventually the attacker breaks in via the passenger door and the driver flees from his side door, sprinting up the street.
In the meantime two other boys sprint to the scene, though there is no suggestion they knew either of the two.
The chilling attack comes amid a knife crime epidemic in London that has so far claimed 43 lives this year. 
A Met Police spokeswoman said: 'Police were called on Wednesday, 30 May at around 17:00 hours to reports of males smashing a car window in London Road, Croydon. 
'Officers attended and established that the driver of the car was approached by a male in possession of a knife who smashed his window. 
'The victim, a 19-year-old man in an attempt to escape collided with another vehicle, exiting on foot. He was followed by the suspect. 
'The victim later returned to his car after the suspect made off. No reported injuries. Enquiries continue.'