Kerala Tourism launches three-minute film showcasing state’s spectacular assets (VIDEO)

Thursday 21 February 2019 3:13 AM UTC

New Delhi Feb 21: Kerala Tourism has launched a three-minute film showcasing the state’s spectacular assets serene backwaters, tranquil beaches, traditional houseboats, exotic wildlife, relaxing hill stations and Theyyam artistes to woo foreign tourists to its shores.

“To find magic in the everyday and eternity in the ordinary”. At a time when the world is exploring what it means to be human, Kerala Tourism portrays the real, yet fascinating interplay of humans and nature in a land known for its open, inclusive way of life.

Drawn from powerful human stories, the film is shot with a predominantly real-life cast. Set across five different terrains, the film carefully strives to stay away from the trademark slickness of a typical commercial in its tone and treatment.