Devotee makes offering of iPhone 6 to God in India

Hyderabad March 13: A devotee made an unusual offering of iPhone 6 to the God. The devotee dropped the iPhone in the hundi (offerings box) at the famous Subrahmanya Swamy temple in Mopidevi in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai Mirror reported.
Officials were surprised to find the strange offering when they were counting the Hundi collections on Saturday.
“Usually, devotees put gold and silver apart from money in the Hundi. But, today, we found iPhone in a sealed pack with warranty and guidelines books," said temple executive officer Sarada Kumari.
The hundi was opened after 108 days (three months 18 days). A total of Rs 48.8 lakh cash, 89 grams gold and 1.58 kg silver items were offered by the devotees.
The temple is yet to decide on putting it to use. The possible option before the authorities is to put the phone for auction and deposit the proceeds in the temple account.
Subrahmanya Swamy temple in Mopidevi is very famous for Naga Dosha poojas.
Electronic items are not allowed inside the temples hence no devotee would make such offerings. In Tirumala Balaji temple, devotees seeking to offer cars, bikes etc as gifts to the Lord would approach the temple administration to offer against receipt.