Graduates and highly qualified apply for Last Grade job with PSC in Kerala

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Jan 4: As PSC has regained its prominence in the job seekers arena, government jobs once again rise high in the graph.
Government job seekers reached around 1. 02 crore in the financial year 2016-17. Many prefer even clerical posts in government sector to the well paid private sector jobs.
Better salaries along with other benefits when comparing to the upheavel in IT, Gulf sector and fluctuating trends in private job fields tends the common people to opt for government job as a secure placement.
As the job seekers increase public service commision issued certain norms as last grade exams are strictly reserved for less qualified and well qualified should opt out from applying for such positions.
Violating these rules vast number of high qualified people are applying for the position. As per reports most applicants fall into the category  of candidated with phil and PG.
Private coaching centres aspire the candidates inorder to acquire their winning percentile. These centres make them believe once the exam is cleared a favourable verdict can be obtained from court.
In this situation PSC had set strict rules to examine the applicants. The qualification for last grade vacancy is strictly confined to 7th grade.
Every time when a higher qualified person joins the position there will be higher chance that they leave it for better grade and again PSC is forced to conduct exams for filling the vacancy causing additional financial burden.
Meanwhile, PSC has made it clear that strict action will be taken, including barring from writing exams, against those who violate its rules. If the candidates show lower qualification in the “One Time Registration’ system, it could be detected while evaluating.
It is possible to find those applying with wrong qualifications using a software but a huge expense has to be incurred for this.
Even though the  applicants are increasing in number every year, certain reserved categories  are still not getting enough applications.
Six posts, including Junior Arabic teacher in SC/ST category, Mathematics teacher in College education department, Physics teacher in Non-vocational department, stay vacant without qualified  applicants.
Also Arabic teachers are non available in primary level.