Taking probiotic alongwith an Indian herb could help you live longer, says study

CANADA June 6: Taking a probiotic alongside a traditional Indian herb could help you live longer, a study suggests.
Scientists found giving the combination to fruit flies boosted their lifespan by 60 per cent and were protected against age-related diseases.
In humans, this would be the equivalent of an 80-year-old living until they reached 128. The oldest ever living person, French woman Jeanne Calment, was 122. 
The Canadian researchers believe the findings could apply to humans – but warned it is unlikely they would be so dramatic.
Fruit flies, which have been used in scientific research for decades, share more than two-thirds of their biochemical pathways with humans.
In the trial, the flies were fed a symbiotic – made of probiotics with a supplement rich in polyphenols – and the herbal remedy Triphala.
Those given the combination lived up to 66 days old – 26 days longer than flies in the control group.
They also showed reduced traits of aging, such as mounting insulin resistance, inflammation and oxidative stress.