Indians love to create caste system around everything: Chetan

Mumbai, May 17: Author Chetan Bhagat says there is a faction in India which has created a "caste system" in literature and relentlessly criticises his work, Deccan Herald reported.
"There is a lot of elitism in literature. I think Indians love to create a caste system around everything. There is no exception when it comes to literature, TV or movies," Chetan told PTI.
The writer says the elitist attitude towards his work is disheartening. "It's unfortunate because such elitism doesn't add any value to the society.
I understand you may not like something but you have no authority, expertise or accomplishment to comment. You can say, 'I don't like Chetan's books'. It's okay, but to say they are bad books, that's not right."
Chetan, 43, says to slam anything popular is a norm.
"To demean something that is consumed by the masses is a popular exercise in India." While there is a section which criticises his work, the author is also subjected to trolling but he remains unfazed.
"Trolling doesn't get to me. The trolls are a very small percentage of the larger picture. They have no credibility. People who have substance know what I am doing and I am very confident in my place," says Chetan.