Kerala: Paralysed youth on mission to find his doppelganger

Ajmal V

Malappuram, May 16: Raees Hidaya, a paralysed youth from Kerala's Malappuram district, is on a mission to find his doppelganger. He has a few photos of his 'look-alike' man from the internet but knows nothing about him, Deccan Herald reported.
His search started after a friend send him a few pictures of his look-alike person. Raees facebook friend found a selfie photo of a man with a girl, from the comments section of a video posted by swimmer Michael Phelps, dated a year ago.
Raees is asking his friends on social media to help him after all his failed attempt to find and connect to his doppelganger.
In his Facebook post, Raees is desperately seeking ideas to find the person living somewhere in the world. He wrote, "This person may be leading a beautiful life somewhere on the earth. I tried to find but could not get any contact. How can I find him?" he wrote under the photo on his Facebook page.
Raees' friends in facebook picked the post. Few asked him the need to find his doppelganger, to which he replied he wants to hug him and chat about life. "People ask me about my eagerness to find the person. My answer is, it will be a great pleasure to find a look-alike man. I want to hug and talk about the similarities," Raees said.
Some friends really thought it was his own photo with a girl and teased him about the girl. A few people genuinely suggested him the various methods to find the person.
Raees, 30, was paralysed due to an accident about 15 years ago when he was in 10th standard. He is famous in Kerala for his activism despite his disability. He is one of the founding members of Green Palliative an initiative working for the welfare of bed-ridden people. He had inspired several paralysed people to come out of the bed.
Now, his friends have taken this as a challenge to find Raees' doppelganger.