Empty engineering seats to be moved to NRI quota

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM July 29: The nearly 25,000 Engineering seats that were left after allotment will be moved to NRI quota, based on the orders by the Rajendra Babu Commission.
With this, even those who did not attend the entrance examination would be provided an engineering seat. This is based on the demand by the management association.
A total of 36,212 government seats were available across government/aided, government/university controlled, and private colleges across the state. Among this 18,338 seats were allotted in which 17,252 students sought admission.
This leaves 18,960 seats empty. In government/aided colleges, 5.77 per cent seats are empty.
In government/university controlled institutions, about 37.07 per cent of the seats are empty.
Whereas in private management colleges nearly 67.21 per cent of the seats remain empty.