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Cricket fans to pay £1 deposit for reusable plastic pint pots at Lord’s

LONDON April 4: Cricket fans at Lord’s will have to hand over a £1 deposit for a reusable plastic cup when they order their pints of beer at Test matches this year.
The “home of cricket” in St John’s Wood has become the first major London venue of the summer season to scrap flimsy “single use” plastic drinks containers.
Bar staff at the ground typically hand out around 740,000 single-use plastic cups to visitors watching Test, county, one-day and Twenty20 format matches between April and September. 
Most end up scattered around the stands of the ground with those not collected by the end of the day’s play having to be incinerated.
However, this season all bars and cafés will be stocked with reusable cups made out of sturdy polypropylene designed to be reused up to 200 times before being recycled and turned into items such as buckets.
Drinkers will be asked to pay £1 when they order their first drink of the day, which will be returned to them when they bring back a cup at the end of the day’s play.
They are being provided by Tilbury-based company Recup, which will wash the containers and return them to the ground for the next fixture.
The new system will be given a trial at a county game and will be fully in place in time for the first Test match between England and Pakistan starting on May 24, which is expected to attract crowds totalling up to 100,000. 
The move could spell the end for the “beer snake” ritual when fans use empty plastic cups as the building blocks for enormous tottering towers.
Russell Seymour, sustainability manager at Lord’s, said he expected each cup to be used around 10 times a season, giving them a life span of 20 years. 
The cups have been deliberately designed to be as functional and “unattractive” as possible to dissuade people from taking them home as souvenirs. 
Similar “fan cups” used for rugby matches at Twickenham have images of the English rose emblem or Guinness branding on them and supporters are encouraged to take them home but forgo the return of the £1 deposit.
Other changes being considered by Lord’s — which is owned by the Marylebone Cricket Club — include switching from water bottles to aluminium cans and a huge increase in water fountains at the ground.