Balaji Temple getting ready for Onam celebrations on Sept 9

BIRMINGHAM Sept 4: Birmingham Malayalees will be organising this year's Onam celebrations at the world famous Balaji Temple on 9th September. This is an ever popular annual event conducted by the West Midlands group called 'Brummie Mallus'. 
After the famous Ona-sadhya, usually attended by more than 2000 people of all background, there is also Mahabali procession and cultural programme including drama, music and dance. The organising committee is led by Dr Reji Jayan. 
This year, the Brummie Mallus are staging their second drama after the highly successful 'Vadakkan Veeragadha' that was staged two years back. The drama named 'Draupathi' is written and directed by Dr Sindhu Nair. 
The story revolves around the gambling between Pandavas and Kauravas and Pandavas loosing everything including their beloved wife Draupathi and the events following that. 
The cast includes Deepthi Kumar, Dr Jayan Mannath, Dr Jason Paul, Dr Praveen, Suresh Menon, Dr Sajayan, Dr Arun Dev Vellore, Dr Ajit Kartha, Dr Balakrishnan, Dr Basheer Tharayil, Dr Salil K V, Rajesh Nair, Manju Ganesh, Ganesh Pillai, Dr Michael Manarkattu, Dr Ashok Nair  and Rajesh Nair.