Badminton Malayalee Federation UK to offer platform to upcoming talented players

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON March 3 2017: Badminton Malayalee Federation UK, a group set up to enhance and encourage upcoming talented badminton players in UK, is calling upon badminton players in the UK to join ranks to take badminton into the next level.
"Since we started planning years ago, the group has grown a lot and now it has come to a conclusion that the people who really want to play badminton then this is right platform", said a press note to this website.
The group is lead by some very highly talented badminton players from the UK Malayalee community. Some of the players who are taking the lead are:
Rajeev Sadasivan: Won several All UK Malayalee badminton tournaments, plays Surrey League Division 2 &  Level 1 qualified coach from Croydon London area. He has years of badminton experience.
Lenin Chulliparambil Chandran: He is a national level performer in India, who has won many All UK Malayalee badminton tournaments. He has put lots of effort and contributions to the Malayalee badminton community by reguarly conducting practice sessions all over the UK.
Ram Kanathezhath: He has won several All UK  Malayalee tournaments with different partnerships Jaymurali, Ani, Lenin and a dedicated badminton player.
Giju George Kalathil: Has been runners up of All UK Malayalee badminton tournament held in Coventry. A good sportsperson and organiser who has contributed a lot during badminton practice sessions.
Padmaraj MP: A good sporting personality who perform many sports and a good cordinater who come up with lots of disscussions & suggetions.
Joby George: All UK Malayalee badminton winner and a good organiser who maintain a good database of players all over UK.
Jini Thomas: All UK Malayalee badminton finalist and a very good badminton wellwisher who is ready to travel anywhere and his contribution was immense during our practice sessions.
Suresh Kumar: All UK badmintion winner and finalists for several times who supported most of our players during tournaments in Manchester and liverpool for years.
Sinu George: All UK Malayalee badminton winner and finalists in many tournaments and good sports supporter who suggested to move forward to start this group.
Joseph James E (Kiran): All UK Malayalee badminton finalist and a very good badminton wellwisher who runs a club and helping them to organise tournaments, practice sessions.
Those who wish to be part of this group or to get involved or know more please email lenincccc@gmail.com or ring 07466390778