Registration for UUKMA Nurses Forum Award will end on April 20: UNF Award criteria

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON April 7: The registration for the UUKMA Nurses Forum Award will end on April 20.
The award will be presented on the sidelines of the Nurses Covention to be held on 28th April 2017 at the YMCA Indian Student Hostel, 41 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6AQ.
Nurses who are interested to participate in the Convention need to be registered by clicking on this LINK. Registration fee is £30 http://www.uukmanf.org.uk/registeryourinterest.aspx
Email uukmanf@gmail.com if you need to know further details.
The convention will have several career enhancement events which include sessions on interview skills, bio-data preparation, revalidation, indemnity insurance, the six Cs of nursing (Care, compassion, competence , communication, courage, commitment), employment law and many other.
Several trade union representative will also attend to give insights into the leagal aspects of nursing job.
UNF Award criteria
Either the candidate or someone else can nominate a nurse to be considered for the award.
The following criteria are used to select the nurse for the award by an impartial judging panel comprised of professionals with expertise in the respective areas.
A brief write up about the eligibility of the candidate to be considered for the award is required and supportive documents can be attached where ever applicable. The criteria are not exhaustive.
Criteria for Band 5 and Band 6
1. Contributions as a nurse the team and their impacts on the delivery of care based on the NHS Values
2. Any specific contributions (suggested / implemented) for the improvement in the quality of service in the NHS / Health Care Sector
3. Continuing personal and professional development.
4. How have you incorporated the 6Cs (care, competence compassion, communication, courage, commitment) in Nursing practice?
5. Your role as an inspiring mentor for student nurses and / or newly qualified nurses.
6. Any recognition based on the nursing profession.
Criteria for Band 7 and Band 8
1. Outstanding personal / professional achievements in the nursing career.
2. Exceptional contributions to the team as a leader
3. Demonstrate your strong leadership skills.
4. Contributions have you made towards staff development.
5. Any commendable changes you made in your area of practice.
6. Any published papers, articles or other works related to the professions
7. Any research works undertaken
8. Continuing Personal and Professional Development
9. Social and community based commitments