Scotland Malayalees form new group USMA: Register Now.

 SCOTLAND Dec 4: A newly formed Scotland Malayalee Association will setoff in February 2018.

The initial etiquettes have been set. 
New members can now register.
Groups of more than eight families, sports clubs, family groups, formal and informal clubs can be part of this association. 
Even before official launch eleven groups from different parts of Scotland including Glasgow, East killbride, Falcrick, Livingston, Edinburgh, Kirkaldi, Dandi, Perth, Saint Andrews, Aberdean, Inverness become part of USMA.
For membership contact at  : usmascotland@gmail.com.
The inaugural function of USMA will be conducted in February 2018 with vibrant celebrations.
Shibu Xavier(vice president), Pradeep Mohan(secretary), Jibin John (join secretary).