Malayalee cricketer collapses and dies while playing: Donate to support Philip's family

By A Staff Reporter

Hounslow June 5: A Malayalee cricketer from Hounslow in London has died after friends say he suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed during a local club match.
Hounslow based Malayalee Philip Varghese (38) passed away on 3rd June 2018 on the cricket ground after suffering Cardiac Arrest/Stroke (autopsy report for exact cause of death is awaited).
Philip Varghese also known as Benny collapsed while playing cricket and immediately an air ambulance was called and he was taken to the Royal Brompton and Haresfield Hospital where he passed away midnight on Sunday June 3, 2018.
He is survived by wife, Sini, a native of Prakkanam in Pathanamthitta, and two children, aged seven and four.
A Support Philip Varghese Family campaign has been started to raise funds to help the beareaving family.
A report for the fund raising campaign stated:
"He was unsure of the “fact of life” that he was playing his last match not just cricket but his life. Everything happened in minutes despite best efforts by ambulance and para medics' service who literally came in 4 minutes or so and tried all the efforts with defibrillator, CPR etc etc when not responding he was immediately taken to Harefield Hospital which is best hospital in the country for such thing. But god has already written his fate to continue his rest of journey in heaven. 
"He came with wonderful charismatic mood to play the cricket after around 2 years and was happy to meet all team members of the team and was really excited to enjoy the game. His family and friends described him as very calm and composed nature at the same time cheerful. And brings happy to the surrounding and personally we never seen him in anger or disrespectful to any and never hurt knowingly or unknowingly to any and passed away in just few moments with no pain at all. Hence we believe almighty will choose best people to take with him and offer a prestigious place in Heaven. 
"He leaves behind his wife, children (8 years old son and 4 years old daughter) mom, siblings, relatives and a multitude of friends, but most heart breaking is that he leaves behind his little son and daughter who will not understand this awful incident for many years to go. He was immensely protective about his son and daughter and would have loved to see them accomplishments in future. It’s extremely unfortunate that fate decided to chart a different story.
"His wife is in deep shock at the moment and may take time to heal the void created by his loss.
We want to ease the financial burden that comes with losing someone so suddenly. This fund will primarily help to address repatriation costs, immediate support to family and establish a small fund for his wife and children.