Impressive performance by Malayalees in UK council elections (FULL RESULTS)

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON May 5: Five out of the seven candidates who contested in the council elections held on May 3 2018 has come out with flying colours. The two who lost have also showed their strength by improving the number of votes polled for their party from last time.
Out of the total seven contestants six contested on Labour Party tickets and one on Conservative ticket. Five Labour contestants won and one each from both parties lost.
Interestingly, UK Malayalees are more seen to be Labour supporters in the UK.
Also, the votes show that UK residents are more oriented to the party rather than to personae.
Following is the full list of UK Malayalee candidates who contested in the local elections and the results.
Dr Omana Gangadharan from Newham's Wall End Ward (Labour) - ELECTED
Manju Shahul-Hameed from Croydon's Broadgreen Ward (Labour) - ELECTED
Roy Stepehn from Swindon Council's Wolcot Ward (Conservative) NOT ELECTED
Sajish Tom from Basingstoke Council's Eastrop ward (Labour) NOT ELECTED
Baiju Thittala from Cambridge Council's East Chesterton ward (Labour) ELECTED
Sugathan Thekkepura from Newham Council's East Ham Central ward (Labour) ELECTED
James Chiriyankandath from Haringey Council's Bounds Green ward (Labour) ELECTED
Labour Party won all the seats in Newham Council. Out of the 60 seats available all of them were won by Labour making it a clean sweep for Labour. Labour got 74% of the votes. The other parties' votes share was show as Conservative (15%) Liberal Democrat (4%), Green (3%), Christian Peoples Alliance (3%) 
Newham Council's Wall End Ward was a sure seat for Labour as it was Dr Omana Gangadharan, thier safest bet who was contesting. Dr Omana, a people person in her ward had the support all all the communities and thus her win became easier. Dr Omana was the former civic ambassador for the Newham Council. Dr Omana, from Changanassery in Kerala, is a novelist and scriptwriter for films.
Wall End - Results
Jennifer Bailey Labour 2911 27% Elected
Omanakutty Gangadharan Labour 2885 27% Elected
Councillor Lester Hudson Labour 2633 24% Elected
Sugathan was contesting in the council elections for the first time. East Ham Central again has been a stronghold of Labour and thus a win was inevitable. Sugathan is  from Vaikkom in Kerala.
Councillor Julianne Marriott Labour 2939 29% Elected
Aisha Siddiqah Labour 2819 27% Elected
Suga Thekkeppurayil Labour 2568 25% Elected
Labour kept control of Croydon Council with a slight increase on their majority. The results saw Labour increasing their number of councillors to 41. The Conservatives lost one councillor, going down to 29 from their 30 in 2014.
Croydon Council's Broadgreen ward was a safe seat for Labour and with Manju Shahul Hameed being the contestant. Manju, former Croydon mayor, has been actively involved within the Croydon community which made her a popular figure within the political circles. Manju is from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.
Broad Green ward Results - Croydon Council
Stuart Collins (Labour) 3105 Elected
Ali Muhammad (Labour) 2820 Elected
Manju Shahul-Hameed (Labour) 2678 Elected
The Conservative Party has maintained control of Swindon Borough Council, but with a reduced majority following yesterday’s local election. Of the 19 seats up for election, two changed hands leaving the Conservatives with 29 seats, Labour with 26 and the Liberal Democrats with two seats.
Roy Stephen from Swindon Council's Walcot & Park North, who contested as Conservative candidate lost but came second and increased the vote share from last time.
Abdul Amin LABOUR 1762 55% Elected
Roy Stephen CONSERVATIVE 936 29% Not elected
Steve Halden UK INDEPENDENCE PARTY 191 6% Not elected
Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
The Conservatives retained control of the council with 33 seats with Labour the only party to make a real terms gain. Therefore, Labour now has 21 seats, the Lib Dems have five and independent councillor Ian Tilbury retained his seat.
Sajish Tom, who was involved with UUKMA organisation activities was contesting for the first time in UK elections. Sajish lost to Liberal Democrats and came seocnd by beating Conservatives.
JAMES Gavin Liberal Democrat 692 ELECTED
TOM Sajish Labour Party 322
SANDERS Rebecca Anne Conservative Party 279
Labour now has a majority of 10 on Cambridge City Council - the same as its majority before the election.
Baijumon Thittalayil Varkey was contesting for the first time and from East Chesterton ward of Cambridge Council
 Carla Louise McQueen Labour 1362 26% Elected
 Baijumon Thittalayil Varkey Labour 1107 21% Elected
 Owen Stewart Dunn Liberal Democrat 830 16% Not elected
 Shahida Rahman Liberal Democrat 811 16% Not elected
The Labour Party have met expectations and kept control of Haringey Council, however their majority has been reduced by a Lib Dem surge.
James Chiriyankandath got elected from Haringey Council's Bounds Green ward. He is from Thrissur in Kerala.
BERRYMAN Pat Labour Party 2,289 Yes
CHIRIYANKANDATH James Labour Party 2,126 Yes
SAY Yvonne Labour Party 2,188 Yes