Saeed Naqvi to address UK Malayalees about his latest Malayalam book

By A Staff Reporter

LONDON April 11: Noted Indian journalist, television commentator and interviewer Saeed Naqvi will be arriving to the UK in June 2018 to talk about his latest book in Malayalam.
The Malayalam book, Apraravunnavar, is a translation of his hit book Being the Other—The Muslim in India.
Being the Other—The Muslim in India is an account of how the seeds of hatred was harvested by politicians between the Hindu and Muslim communities in India.
According to Saeed Naqvi: "Partition, in a way, was the gift the Congress gave to the Hindu right, which in the fullness of time, is today's Hindutva."
Those who wish to host Saeed Naqvi while he is in the UK to talk about his book in Malayalam need to contact
Dr Sethu Wariyar on 07883489870.