Nominations open to national council of World Malayalee Federation UK Chapter

LONDON March 11: Nominations are open for the election of National Council [NC] of World Malayalee Federation - United Kingdom Chapter (WMF-UK) to be held at India House, Indian High Commission, London, WC2B 4NA on Friday, 23rd March 2018 at 5pm prior to the Inaugural meeting of WMF-UK.
The following positions are open for election in the NC (National Council):
• President
• 1 -2 Vice-Presidents
• Secretary
• 1 - 2 Joint-Secretaries
• Treasurer
Please submit your nomination online here http://www.kushlosh.com/wmfnomination/
Timeline for Election Process:
• Valid nominations for the office bearers will be accepted up to Wednesday, 14th March 2018. No new nominations will be accepted after the closing date.
• The final approved list of the candidates will be announced by the Election Commission on Friday, 16th March 2018.
• The candidates can withdraw their nominations not later than Sunday, 18th March 2018.
• A hearing of all candidates is to be held prior to the election on Friday, 23rd March 2018.
• The election will be held by secret ballot.
• The Chairperson of the Election Commission will officially announce the outcome of the election. 
Conditions & Eligibility to contest WMF-UK Elections:
• The minimum age for contesting for positions on the NC is 21 years completed on the date of closing of nominations.
• Persons holding offices in any other Global Malayalee associations are not eligible to contest the election.
Nominations will close on Wednesday, 14th March 2018.
World Malayalee Federation (WMF) founded in Vienna, October 2016 is one of the world's largest independent Malayalee non-profit organizations with the aim of serving and building networks within Malayalees / Keralites, Indian Community.
World Malayalee Federation (WMF) has recently opened its chapter in the United Kingdom. WMF, which is headquartered in Austria, boasts to be the biggest organisation for NRIs in the world having presence in 80 countries. 
As a start to its activities in the UK, the main office bearers of WMF have met last December and elected an Ad-hoc Committee to foresee the organisation's activities in UK. WMF UK have appointed three patrons for UK province; Councillor Mr. Philip Abraham (City Mayor Loughton), Mr. Haridas Thekkemuri (HCI London) and Mr. Sreekumar (MD, Anand TV).
WMF UK's Inaugural meeting in London is expected to be attended by His Excellency High Commissioner of India, London, Diplomats, Councillors, Members of various Governmental and Non Governmental Organisations, Members from various Malayali Associations in the UK and other walks of life. We also expecting prominent guests from Kerala Fraternity to attend this inaugural meeting hence we welcome you all to attend this meeting and support the initiative of WMF-UK.
The tentative agenda of the meeting will be as follows; nomination, election & appointment of the new WMF UK National Council [NC], National Council Executive [NEC] Members, Audit Committee [AuC] followed by Inauguration, networking and Refreshments etc.
Register now to attend the Inaugural Meeting.
If you wish to attend the meeting you are advised to register online here
Those wishing to attend the meeting are advised to send in your details to WMF-UK Coordinator by email events@kushlosh.com. It's advised to carry your form of an ID with you to pass through the security screening at India House, London WC2B 4NA.
Please see more information about World Malayalee Federation (WMF) in the medias;
Mission: To connect with Malayalees all around the world.
Vision: Help Malayalees to become ideal citizens of the world.
What we do: Our members strive to support Malayalees in facing their diplomatic ordeals, spreading awareness on community living, our volunteers educate and mentor Malayalees, residing inside and outside Kerala, when and where required. We aim to provide a better, prosperous and winning attitude. The learning experience will be mutual.